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“Pregnancy from the Heart” (PFTH) is Lauren’s first book (all done from the heart) offering her pregnancy experiences (good & bad) and new nutritional knowledge gained from her first pregnancy. She has compiled fun, active, healthy and “real”pregnancy tips for powerful moms, expecting moms and future moms.
The book also offers many delicious easy-to-make Food from the Heart recipes and valuable lifestyle tips that any health-conscious person can relate to and have fun with. 

Pregnancy from the Heart’s main goal is to provide a personal, less “technical” handbook that women can truly relate to and be genuinely inspired by in order to achieve the best version of themselves during and after pregnancy. By following these tips, women will be able to make the most of that special time and embrace how beautiful pregnancy is.

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 Quick & Dirty Life Saving Tips 
Tips on everything you will experience in your first, second and third trimester, as told by your BFF.

 Healthy Eating
Advice regarding your fertility diet, nutritional needs for each trimester, recommended super foods, organic foods (what to buy & not to buy), reading labels, useful tips to encourage cooking at home and much more.

 Food from the Heart recipes focused on the must-have ingredients for moms-to-be prepped in an enjoyable and tasty combination that can be enjoyed by everyone (plus lots of #cheflaurencitas all time favorites!).

Staying Active Tips
Feel-good yoga to cure the pregnancy aches and pains, daily exercises that prepare you for birth, meditation to help you connect with your baby, and relationship advice to keep your romance and bond alive during the process.

Preparing for Baby’s Arrival
Preparing your pets for the baby, registry lists, nursery inspirations, baby shower inspiration and some DIY ideas.

Download printable extra goodies
Like grocery shopping lists, organic shopping lists, baby shower invitations, and registry lists by clicking here and entering the password provided in each book.



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