"Rest Day's Go-to's Miami" for Hôtel Weekend

Hi guys!! I'm so excited to be contributing cool stuff for Hôtel Weekend . A travel blog that gives you all the insight tips to travel and explore cities as a local avoiding tourist traps!! How awesome! right?

Check out this post about my rest-days bites around the Miami Area!

"I have to confess that I’m a bit of a pain in the ass for eating out…or that’s what my hubs always complains about…”it's so difficult with you” he says. Okay, MAYBE sometimes I could be. But I always compromise and order the best options for me! I'm mainly a pain since I really do prefer home cooked meals, and of course, it's also because I’m crazy about cooking! I truly enjoy making delicious meals made with the best ingredients, real food and lots of love. Okay, and maybe it's also because cooking is what I do for a living!! (Hint Hint: Check out some cool stuff at www.ffthmiami.com and my even cooler new Book illustrated by the awesome Natalia Swarz, girl behind this blog!)" 

Click HERE to get all the good tips!!!! From smoothies, arepas and acaí bowls, to romantic date night spots!

Hope you like it!



Lauren Arboleda