One week after and we are still not over Earth day!! Why? Because Earth Day should be every single day! We have to help preserve mother earth, and even the smallest things count, so let’s start with our daily green smoothie!

How do you turn your Daily Green Smoothie into a Green Recipe that saves the planet? This recipe is from my book Pregnancy from the Heart (hint: cool lifestyle tips and recipes, not only for preggos!!!) and contains fun cooking tips on how we can save the planet while nourishing our body. It also proves that was is good for you is good for the earth too!


INGREDIENTS | Liquid Veggies


1 medium cucumber

1 tbsp of spirulina 

2 stalks of celery

2 lemons (for juice)

1 green apple / ½ banana / ¼ pineapple

1 t ginger root

1 cup kale

1 cup spinach

1 stalks parsley

4 asparagus


Blend everything and enjoy!!! Meanwhile you can put in practice these tips!!

Planet Saver Smoothie Tip # 1: DON’T TRASH IT, BLEND IT!

I always say this is my must-have power smoothie that I take every morning, but it always changes according to what I have in my fridge and pantry because I never throw things away! If I see my Romain lettuce going bad, I’ll add it here. I save kale stems and greens from beets and radishes and add them here too. Nothing has to go to waste! Veggies and fruits that are about to go bad as well as leftovers and scraps can be used to make delicious smoothies.


Planet Saver Smoothie Tip # 2:  PROPERLY STORED PRODUCE = LESS WASTE

Very important! There are simple tips for preserving your produce, for example:

-Shake excess water from green leaves. Then wrap them in paper towel and store in a zip lock (kale, collard greens, spinach, arugula etc)

-Place asparagus and herbs in a vase with water (just like with flowers) inside your fridge. Change water every 2 days!

-Save pieces of unused veggies such as cucumber and ginger wrapped in a paper towel and store in a zip lock squeezing all air out or wrapped in plastic paper.


Planet Saver Smoothie Tip #3: REGROW YOUR SCRAPS

You have no idea how many things can be grown just by planting scraps! For this recipe:

-Celery: Save the base of the celery and place it in a container with water under the sun until you see some roots and new leaves, then replant in the soil.

-Ginger: Just plant any piece into the soil and wait for it to start growing .

-Apple: Let the seeds dry and plant them.

-Pineapple: Cut the top off and place in water under the sun until you see some roots coming out, then it’s time to plant in the soil!


Planet Saver Smoothie Tip #4: NATURAL FERTILIZERS

There are lots of foods we eat on a daily basis that we can used as fertilizers, including bananas! The banana peel is rich in potassium and gives plants a nutrient bump that will make them very happy! You can place the banana peels on top of the soil, throw in the hole in the soil before planting anything, or you can blend it and spread it over your plants!

I hope you like it and try some of my tips! Remember planet earth is our home so we need to take care of it!!


Lauren Arboleda