Got some balls?


Brie cheese- magically spiced ground turkey- Pastry

It sounds funny and “challengy” but you really need some balls to be able to try my turkey balls. Once you try them you will be hooked. 

It happened to me 5 years ago when I thought about the idea of combining my favorite cheese at the time: Brie with grounded meat ( obviously before trying the vegan/ vegetarian/ pescetarian stuff I’m trying right now). In my head it was the same concept of a regular hamburger but with the fun surprise of having the pleasure of encountering the hot, creamy, melted cheese in every bite to the patty.

After that first attempt, I have done a big deal of variations to the -grounded meat with cheese inside- idea.  And I got to the conclusion that you CAN’T go wrong with any of them. If you don’t belief me ask my friends and family; they have eaten this recipe in all of types of variations: patties, meatballs, meatloaf style, empanadas, and biscuits, with pasta, salad, quinoa, and couscous… OMG the possibilities are infinite. But this is one of my favorites, that’s why I’m sharing it with you J

The key is in the mixture of spices you use for the grounded turkey (meat/chicken/lamb) 

Mix the selected meat with the following:

-       -Chopped onion

-       Finely processed rosemary (this gives it an incredible aromatic twist that I LOVE)

-       -Grounded Spanish paprika

-       -Old style whole grain Dijon Mustard

-       -Minced garlic

-       -Breadcrumbs or eggs (for the consistency of the meat= to create a mixture that is easy to manipulate and form the balls)

-       -Little of grated Parmesan cheese (Yes more cheese!! Perfect for cheese lovers)

Cut the Brie cheese in cubes of approximately 7g or the size you like! Take an amount of approx. 45g (for balls…if making patty more) of turkey that have already been mixed with the spices, place the cheese in the center of the grounded meat and use the palm of your hands in a circular motion to form a ball, making sure that the cheese is completely covered by the meat.

Now the crucial moment of the pastry….

-       Ready to use pastry (phillsbury grand)

Place one piece of the pastry in a floured surface; extend a little using the tips of your fingers. Roll over the ball making sure that the turkey ball is completely covered by the pastry.

Preheated oven at 375°F, place the turkey balls for 15 min. or until you see a beautiful summer tan color on the pastry. Take out and let stand for 3 min before serving.

Enjoy! with a full belly, a happy heart


Lauren Arboledarecipe, Yummy