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Tomato Carpaccio

I need to confess that what I like the most about cooking is how unlimited your creativity can be, and how far you can go with ingredients, combination of flavors, textures the presentation of the plate…. But as my mom told me once, sometimes less is more, and you can create a work of art in a blink of an eye.

For this recipe I recommend using anything less than the freshest tomatoes. (FYI tomato season in Miami FL, is from Sept-June) So go to your local farmer’s market/own orchard/”mercado” or “Galeria” as we say in my country, and be creative and buy all colors and sizes.

-Tomatoes, sliced to the desired thickness

-Fresh Chives

-Minced shallots

-Extra virgin olive oil

-Drizzle of sherry vinegar

-Salt and pepper to taste

Now it’s the moment to put the work of art together. Arrange the sliced tomato in a nice pattern. Combine the olive oil+ sherry vinegar+shallots+chives into a vinaigrette. Spoon over the tomatoes; add salt and pepper and some basil leaves for the final touchJ