About Being a Momma

Being a mom is the best and most incredible challenge life had given me. My little one teaches me every single day and I'm discovering things in me I didn't even know existed. Uncovering the best and worst of me at the same time!!! Being a mompreneur, working, cooking, chores, working out, yoga, taking care of baby, the dogs, making time for my husband, any type of social life…etc.  I can’t lie, it can get a little crazy sometimes, but as moms we all get a set of amazing superpowers that enables us to figure out EVERYTHING some how! I always say that it’s about recognizing that strength that each and every one of us mommies have. Not to brag, but we are pretty much rock stars! I make sure to take each problem as it comes, I try not to worry/sweat the small stuff or overthink or anticipate anything. Since my time is no longer just mine, I just breathe deeply, plan out my day, and if it doesn’t go as plan, thats okay, there is always tomorrow. That is one of the major things being a mom has taught me. The importance of patience, and not to stress over things that I do not have control of. Another big tip on how to balance everything is being mindful about everything I do. If I’m cooking, I put my all into it, all the passion and love possible, even while carrying my baby around or trying to stop him from breaking all my china  (it’s a full time job now that he is walking!). If I’m working out I give it 100 percent, if I’m practicing yoga I completely surrender, if I’m taking a long bath, relaxation is the only thing on my mind. Oh yeah, that’s also a great tip: take long baths, make time for yourself to relax. Never forget some time for you always helps your wellbeing. Pamper yourself, find moments to meditate, dance and sing alone, bake or do that thing that reminds you that you are you, that you were you before being a mom, wife, etc.  And last but not least, and its kind of imperative and worth repeating; don’t even worry about things being perfect because most likely they won’t be 100% perfect! Balancing everything as moms is like dancing a 24/7 song and it's up to you on how you  move to it. It can be very synchronized, wild, delicate and gentle, however it may be you make  that movement, then the other, that thing, then this other thing, then that other, but at the end of the day, the purpose of the dance is to enjoy and celebrate US every single day (our little ones smiles, hugs and little voices do more than the trick!) Because remember we are superheroes. SUPER MOMS! We just save the day as best as we can!

The day my life changed for ever! The day I started this journey of discovering how incredibly strong I am!

The day my life changed for ever! The day I started this journey of discovering how incredibly strong I am!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Lauren Arboleda