Consciousness in our decisions

It just makes my heart so happy to see big brands working towards a better future and doing things from the heart. Over a month ago, Athleta reached out to me to be part of 1 year for Athleta Girl celebration, and thanks to that I discovered a brand that left me with my mouth wide open (I usually like supporting local brands! And of course I always will, but this changed my perspective a little too!) Athleta gives back to their community by offering events where the goal is to inspire each other and reach our fullest potential by working as a team! "The power of She"(That's our goal with our powermOMas squad! too!). They are also conscious about our planet by using sustainable and recyclable fibers, organic cotton (100% from the heart style- never wasting anything!) and practicing sustainable technologies to save water and reduce their impact on the planet. Plus, they are fair trade certified which means they are committed to give a better quality of life and working conditions to their workers.


The main point I want to get across is to always keep in mind that every decision we make, from what we eat to where we buy our food, clothes and the materials of the things we use and wear, all of it affects not only our health, but our communities and the whole world. Our decisions, as small as they may seem, have an impact on the world. So it's up to us to put our grain of sand towards creating a better future for our little ones!! 

If you are in Miami, pass by Athleta Merrick Park this Saturday and celebrate 1 year birthday for the Athleta Girl! I'll be sharing a summer favorite recipe after breaking a little sweat with my dearest instructor and friend Naty creator of Power mOMmas who is teaching a Mommy and me class! 

Saturday July 8th at 9:00AM

(If you want to be part of Athleta's girl anniversary VIP rsvp list and win a $25 gift card email the Community Coordinator at:


See you soon!


Lauren Arboleda