Breastfeeding from the Heart

Breastfeeding my baby monkey

Breastfeeding my baby monkey

So much to say, so difficult to put it into words! When I was pregnant I had my goal clear: I wanted to breastfeed my baby. I knew the theory behind it, the nutritional benefits etc so I did my homework- I took a breastfeeding class (which I highly recommend!! I mention this in my book too!! You actually need a technique, it's not as natural as one may think), and 1 min after that baby was out he grabbed my booby immediately! It was So beautiful and magical. I had an incredibly good experience from the beginning and when my nipples started to hurt, I just used coconut oil and it worked wonderfully! I produced so much milk that my mom called me the dairy cow Haha (thank god)! It was so much that by the second week Jaime was born I had my freezer almost full! If I was away from him for even 3 hours, I had to pump because I felt my boobs were going to explode!

By the third week baby J was born I introduced the bottle so I could have some time off. (of course with my milk!) I wasn't scared of confusing him (nipple for bottle) because we were doing great!! So that's how we discovered that it was a great idea to give him the last meal in the bottle and hubs was the one feeding him. So I had time to take a shower, breathe and just have some time for myself.

I never had an exact time or moment for when I wanted to stop breastfeeding, we were living day by day, just enjoying the most awesome connection between both of us. I enjoyed how practical it was just having the milk ready to go whenever we needed, and just being extremely happy for having an incredibly healthy baby boy (first time he got sick was at around 13 months).

And yes it may take time from your day or whatever, or it may be difficult (some mommies experience difficulties with milk supply, latching ect.) But I only have good things to say about this superpower we have of supplying our own offspring with the most perfect and unreplacable food!

Today I mark one week without breastfeeding baby J not because I'm tired, or because "he is too old" (they will only benefit from our milk when older) or he just doesn't want it anymore...but because we might want to settle all my hormones down and maybe, MAYBE start thinking about having another baby. And sometimes yes, I feel that it's crazy with how busy we are now, it feels a little scary but we really want our kids to grow up togther and we also don't want to get out from "this mood". So it's now or never. Who knows what life has prepared for us.

I tried weaning baby J for the past month, but we traveled, then his molars where coming down and he was asking for it some days. The other day he fell down and I offered some just to calm him down (I'll miss this as my plan B when all else fails!!) But now I think its time, I feel we are both ready to say bye bye to mommies milk!

I feel extremely thankful I had the opportunity of breastfeeding my baby boy for these past 16 months. 59 weeks ago in an Instagram post I wrote- All my love turned into food, #foodfromtheheart just for you!💟 I just want you to grow strong in body, mind, and spirit👼 I love that magic between us that only the two of us can understand- I think we are on a pretty awesome track for that strong body, mind and spirit!

The picture below was our farewell to breastfeeding with other 37 mommies breastfeeding their little ones by the Yakaly Di Roma "Normalizing Breastfeeding"

Breastfeeding Mommas

Breastfeeding Mommas


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