Brunch for Dad! (Kale Arepas Recipe)

What better Father's Day gift than breakfast in bed?! When I was a kid I remember my sister and I woke up earlier than our parents and to head to the kitchen to cook breakfast for them on special dates. My sister carried the tray and I would jingle a bell on my way up to their bedroom. Those memories will always be in my mind and heart, and a part of my upbringing that taught me how to share my love through cooking food!

When Jaime was born I told my husband how I wanted him to grow up honoring special dates such as Mother's Day and Father's Day....and as much as my husband thinks its a marketing strategy for brands to sell you even more stuff (LOL, and its somewhat true), I think its important to teach him how we must be thoughtful about others. And it isn't about giving expensive gifts but about showing your love by giving something special and from the heart :) (cooking, poetry, drawings, singing. etc). But my favorite is definitely food, because you can transmit all those beautiful emotions in your cooking and hearing that "mmmm yum" is the most rewarding of all!

So let's get hands on cooking for dad! I'm sharing some yummy recipes (I used lots of my hubs favorites) to WOW dad on his special day!

Kale arepas stuffed with bleu cheese & figs +  Spiced eggs with Jamon de bellota + Choco-PB smoothie + Customized daddy & me book =  Best Gift ever!


Kale Arepas recipe:


Ingredients for 6-7 medium arepas:

-4 cups curly kale

-4 cups filtered water

-2 cups instant corn meal (I recommend Bob's Red Mill)

- 4 T chia seeds + flax seeds + hemp seeds

-1/4 t pink salt

-Dried figs and bleu cheese for stuffing (you can use what ever you want here!!!)



-In a blender add water and kale and blend until kale is totally liquified.

-In a bowl mix corn meal, seeds and salt. Add kale water to the flour mixture and form a dough by mixing.

-With your hands form arpes to your desired shape and size.

-Cook in a heated pan with some coconut oil until golden brown both sides.

- Cut open each arepa and stuff with some cheese and dried figs or your favorite goodies!


Spiced Eggs recipe:

Fry your eggs as you would normally would using either some grass-fed butter, ghee or coconut oil and add some turmeric, paprika, pepper, pink salt and some chives!! (these are homegrown!). Spices help the digestion of eggs (they leave traces inside your intestines...long story short...add some spices to help that digestive system when eating eggs!) + some jamón iberico de ballota my family sent us from Spain!! (Jamón serrano or prosciutto are better alternatives to cold cuts and turkey hams etc. If chosen wisely, they will only have two ingredients: pork, sea salt).

"Hubby's Fave" Smoothie recipe

Recipe from my book!  (purchase here!!) A blend of raw cacao powder, cinnamon, peanut butter, banana, ice and top of with hemp seeds and  cacao nibs.


Personalized Book

This cute book I bought from where you can personaliz hair color, glasses and other traits as well as add your special message!

Hope you get inspired and try some of these recipes!!! 

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Lauren Arboleda