We all need just a little Rest!


Today was our first morning without baby J ever! (So much free time and quietness!) We left him with my parents at their beach apartment for Holy Week (a.k.a. Semana Santa for my latino folks). When my mom first came up with the idea of staying with baby J for a couple of days, I was, to be honest, very skeptical about it. I didn’t want him to be separated from us from one day to another. He is so attached to me and hubs and his doggy siblings Enzo y Vera…and he only gets to see his grandparents when they have the chance to visit from Colombia (which is sort of often thank God, but still!).


But anyways, last week after working way too much last month and trying to do it all at the same time (as us mommies always do) I started feeling sick. As you know moms never have days off, especially now that baby J started to walk!!! OMG. Plus all my mompreneur projects, working on the promotion of my book “Pregnancy from the Heart", cooking, food from the heart-ing 100%, working out, house chores, hubs, doggies etc etc etc…. my body couldn’t deal anymore and told me to stop, slow down and to take it easy and rest…How? By making me feel more sick than I have felt for a LONG TIME! Yes, even while eating super nutritious food, greens, all my goodies and superfoods, my body made it pretty clear; I just needed to rest. I’ve had a runny nose, sore throat, teary eyes, body aches, you name it! After 2 years of not having my nose as red as Rudolph’s (I’m telling you Santa would choose ME to guide his sleigh with how red my nose is) I found myself feeling really bad.

So the day before yesterday I woke up with the mission of kicking this flu out! These are some my ALL NATURAL secret weapons that brought me back to life (Remember food is your medicine! So lets use it to our benefit in these annoying flu situations)





  • My beloved chicken soup made from my frozen stock of homemade chicken bone broth. (Try to say that fast 3 times hehe) Recipe  in my Book!!! Hint hint, ginger and turmeric root make the difference in this soup!! This time I also added some extra collagen from Vital Proteins. Chicken soup has true powers of healing a bad cold especially when its made from the heart, trust me!!
  • Green smoothie with an extra boost of Green Superfood powder from Amazing Grass it's a blend of veggies, grasses, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics and more goodies. It's great to take daily but especially during those days you need an extra immunity boost.
  • Kick-ass Flu Shot also from my Book!! It's a combo of garlic, ginger root, turmeric root, cayenne pepper, lime juice and most importantly raw Manuka honey (I love this one from Wedderspoon) I take this shot as many times as I feel I need approx 3-4 times a day.
  • Homeopathic medicine like this Coldcalm® from Boiron. These are natural medicines made from plants, oils and minerals so they are easy on your body but effective if taken properly. They are natural and start acting by accumulation, so take those doses following the proper instructions.

AND getting back to baby J’s 3 day getaway with the abuelos, I totally agreed with it because first, I wanted my parents to spend time with him, Second I wanted to spend time with hubs, Third I needed to rest so bad, and Fourth baby J was about to catch my flu (he had a little fever for the first time evaaa…I almost died, but next day he woke up being a little monkey as usual). So I figured out he needed to be without me for a while too! I cooked lots of goodies for him, expressed lots of milk, gave some instructions to my mommy (+ my little brother is the best babysitter ever!) so I wasn’t worried. It felt weird, a lot of mixed feelings, but its part of the process. Maybe we need just a little detachment sometimes.


ANDDD also I’m so happy to be able to spend quality time with hubs, just the two of us!! We have so many things in our list of TO DO’s that we may not have enough time (movies, sleeeeeeeppppp, yoga together, date night, dancing some salsa, spinning class omg omg omggggggggg I’m so excited for these two days!!!

Flu shot + wine + Oscar nominee = Our first night without baby!! (sorry my tired face!!!)

Flu shot + wine + Oscar nominee = Our first night without baby!! (sorry my tired face!!!)

Loved our yoga class with my new Zenlife mat!

Loved our yoga class with my new Zenlife mat!

After sleeping 8 hours straight We went to yoga driving #guaguitafromtheheart  YAYYY...

Lets see how this all goes... hope you try my tips for curing that flu the natural way!! Okay now I need to get ready for lunch with the hubs!!! So exciteddd :)


Lauren Arboleda